Business Plan for Small Business – Your Ideal Customer

Who is the ideal customer for your small business? Good question. It is the person who you feel is most likely to be your best customer. Is it a young person? Is it a family man? Is it a professional woman? Whoever you have identified, you have to know everything – and I mean everything – about that person. Identify your ideal customer in your business plan by addressing the following:

Where they live
What they do for a living
Do they have a family
How much money they make
How much disposable income they have
Where they presently buy
How much they spend on products and services you are looking at promoting.

Once you have discovered that information, you can really get down to developing your business. How are you going to attract that person to your business? And when they drop in, what are they going to see in your small business? Think about it. If you can set up your marketing to reach this ideal customer; and you carry products that they like in an environment in which they feel comfortable; you are probably well ahead of the game.

Too many people build businesses that they like. Wrong, wrong. You do not build a business for yourself; instead, you build a business that your customers are going to like. Ever go into a store and the music is incongruent with the concept? I have and it is a result of the owner not clearly defining what music is to be played, and that music should be such that the ideal customer feels happy with it. Before you select your ideal customer, go to places that they frequent and watch them. You are looking to understand their likes and dislikes and their habits. This is not weird; rather it is smart.

So if you have identified the ideal customer; then it is time to establish in your business plan what marketing tools you are going to use to reach them:

Collateral Material
Employees’ Uniforms
Social Media

If you direct all your efforts at attracting your ideal customer, you’ll still get people who are somewhat like them and people who want to be like them. Don’t fear that you will be missing customers. It is better to have fewer of the RIGHT customers than more of the WRONG customers.

If you know everything about your customers, you can then start to talk to them using the method of communication they like and use direct mail; email; or social media? Think again. You have to play by their rules. If you do, they will see you as being an insider. Armed with the information you have acquired by observing your ideal customer you can now go about building your business plan to service their needs and building your marketing strategy to attract them to your business. You are going to have competition; however, it is up to you to deliver your concept consistently.